SOIL SCIENCE AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, INC., founded in 1978, is a private environmental consulting firm that specializes in wetland delineations, soil mapping and ecological assessments for property development.  Wetland functional qualities, biological inventories and impact analysis are included in the ecological assessments.  We provide soil testing services including sieve tests, deep test pit descriptions and permeability analyses.  Our firm also prepares Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for property transfers that include soil and groundwater sampling for environmental contamination.  The firm has completed over 16,000 projects in 166 local municipalities within Connecticut along with numerous other projects in New York and throughout New England for federal, state, municipal, gas and electric utility companies and private clients.  Our firm is well known and respected by local, State and US Army Corps of Engineers officials.


Wetland delineations, environmental assessments and soil testing.
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Privately owned experienced firm serving clients since 1978.
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